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What is it?

Starting around 2012, this virus, also called "Ransomware", was discovered. It posed as an official FBI communication in an effort to extort money from unsuspecting victims. This virus has morphed over the years and it's appearance has changed slightly from the previous image, but the message has been consistent. "Scare victims in to believing that their computer is locked because of something they may have done and extort money from them." You should not worry as no legitimate agency will operate in this manner. DO NOT PAY THE RANSOM!


Removal Steps (Automatic)

1. Download and install Malware Bytes Here

2. Execute Malware Bytes and click the "Scan Now" button.

3. After the scan has completed, clcik "Remove Selected" button.

4. Click Finish.

5. Download and install HitmanPro Here

6. Open Hitman Pro and click Next to begin scan.

7. After Scan has completed, click the "Next" button.

8. Enter email Twice to activate free version.

9. Reboot

10. Download and Install CCLeaner to repair settings that may have been changed. 


Removal Steps (Manual)

1. Open the Windows Start Menu, type %APPDATA% into the search, and click Enter.

2. Go to Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup

3. Remove ctfmon or ctfmon.lnk

4. Open Windows Start Menu, type %userprofile% in the search, and click Enter.

5. Go to appdata\local\temp

6. Delete rool0_pk.exe,[random].mof, and V.class (These names may be slightly different, but should have a similar style.

7. Open the Task Manager (Ctrl+Alt+Del) and end rogue processes with a random sequence of numbers and letters (E4LKS87SSD4#J.exe).

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